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Best Performer Company 2022


The Barbato srl company is among the 1,000 best performers in the province of Padua and among the 10,000 in all of Italy.

The study was conducted by Italypost, “the brand that brings together the activities of Post Editori, a publishing company aimed at fostering the growth of business and work culture and which, precisely because of this social and cultural mission, calls itself a
“Community Corporation.” To carry out these activities ItalyPost operates through companies, connected to each other, dedicated to individual aspects of business culture.

According to the data collected by Italypost, there are 10,000 companies that share two basic characteristics: their balance sheets are healthy or excellent and they have passed even 2020 brilliantly.
There are 1,000 enterprises in each of Italy’s top 10 industrial provinces, and they represent about 70 percent of enterprises in the turnover ranges of 2 million euros and above.

The use of stringent criteria in the analysis of their balance sheets carried out by the ItalyPost Study Center (a rating ranging from excellent to good, having made profits in 2020, having grown in recent years despite the crises) has made it possible to create an “X-ray” of a more than significant part of our industrial fabric and to classify as “Best Performers” not so much the companies that make the largest turnovers, not those that produce more press releases than profits, but those that actually achieve results.” (ItalyPost)