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History of the Antonio Barbato

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When does the history of the Antonio Barbato begin?

After learning the genuine tradition of the “Scuola dei Calegheri” – Order of Venetian Shoemakers, at the prestigious footwear companies of the Riviera del Brenta, Antonio Barbato in 1949 founded in Stra, a town on the Riviera del Brenta a few steps from the famous Venice, the footwear company Antonio Barbato – Venetian Masters. Today the company is followed with passion and tenacity by their children Andrea, Cristina and Ugo, to whom the culture and tradition of footwear production has been handed down.

Thanks to decades of experience and passion in their work, the Antonio Barbato still produces unique and excellent quality handmade shoes and bags thanks to the 100% Made in Italy certification, known and appreciated all over the world.

But what is meant when we talk about the certification of a 100% Made in Italy product?

100% Made in Italy expresses the excellence of creativity and craftsmanship, without neglecting the quality of the product which is essential.

When you buy a 100% Made in Italy product, you are sure to buy a product with total and effective Italian origin and production not only for the idea of ​​the product but above all for the quality of the products with which they are created. Therefore, in addition to the beauty of the product, the most important thing is the protection for one’s health since in Italy, unlike other countries, absolutely no toxic materials are used for the production of its products but only certified and refined materials.

Antonio Barbato footwear is an urban, refined and elegant mood: designed and produced for independent women, attentive to their style and the footwear they choose to wear, with a refined, sophisticated style and a unique personality.