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New SS 2021 Collection

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In this new article, we will discover together the new Spring Summer 2021 collection by Antonio Barbato.

Let’s see together which models are present in this new collection, including ballet flats, d’Orsay, décolleté, sabot, sandals and flat sandals.

Ballet flats: ballet flats give a romantic touch to the look, comfortable but elegant reminiscent of the shoes used by the dancers from which they take their name. We find Adele in the black version and in the powder version, bag processing with small internal rise.

D’Orsay: d’Orsay shoes are similar to the décolleté but leave the sides of the foot uncovered, we find Giusy in the nude version, Mirella in the powder-skin version, Csaba in the black version and in the nude version.

Décolleté: décolleté are the women’s shoes par excellence, who does not have at least one pair of décolleté in their shoe rack? They certainly could not miss this new collection; in fact, we find Fiorenza in the steel version and in the nude version, Lucia in the leather version and in the black version, and Beatrice in the nude version and in the sand version.

Sabot: in recent times, sabots have become somewhat the protagonists of the various collections, comfortable but not trivial. Antonio Barbato proposes Monica, in the leather version: in python print and 8 cm heel.

Sandals: definitely a must for the spring and summer season are sandals, with high or midi heels. We find Anna in the nude version, Livia in the gold and turquoise versions, Teodora in the dust-skin version, Mirca in the sky – platinum version and in the leather – platinum version, Matilda in the black-white version, and finally Miriam in the white and black version.

Low sandals: to conclude, comfortable but casual sandals with low heels could not be missing. In the new Spring Summer 2021 collection, we find Grace in the nude-platinum version, Laura in the gold version and in the burgundy version, Egeria in the gold-green version and finally Ester in the leather version and in the black version.

What is your favorite shoe from the Antonio Barbato Spring Summer 2021 collection?