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Elegant Looks June 2021

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Any occasion is good to wear an elegant look: a special dinner, a business meeting or an important appointment.

Which one can we create for this month?

In this new article, we will give you four elegant look ideas to create with Antonio Barbato’s shoes in this month of June.


The décolleté is the elegant shoe par excellence; for example, we can combine it with a particular jumpsuit suit. We can choose a particular jumpsuit in solid rust color with palazzo trousers, crossed neckline with buttons and three-quarter sleeves, matching with the Lucia décolleté in the black version by Antonio Barbato: in black calfskin with a transparent tortoiseshell high heel.


If, on the other hand, we want to create an elegant look by wearing a sandal, we can combine it with a dress. For example, we can choose to wear a solid color dress in black with a medium-length skirt, ring neckline, with a black belt at the waist, concluding the look with the Anna sandal in the nude version by Antonio Barbato: in nude suede. with high stiletto heel and ankle strap.

Ballet flats

If you want to wear an elegant look without sacrificing comfort, we can choose a ballerina, combining it with a blouse and a skirt. We can opt for a plain white short-sleeved blouse with ruffles in the sleeves, a medium-length pleated skirt in a solid color in powder pink and the Adele ballerina in the black version by Antonio Barbato: in black suede with strap and bag.

Flat sandals

Even with flat sandals, you can create elegant looks. For example, we can wear an orange and white striped patterned shirt with a wide collar and flared bottom, classic brown cigarette trousers, and the Ester low sandal in the leather version by Antonio Barbato: in leather calfskin, intertwined with multicolored hints.