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Mirella Powder – Skin

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Let’s discover together the Mirella powder-skin footwear by Antonio Barbato.

In this new article we will see together in detail the footwear, how to best match it and some ideas of look.

The Mirella shoe in the powder-skin version is an Orsay décolleté, so the shoes are called when they have the toe closed while the sides of the shoe are open.

Especially, the Mirella décolleté is in two-tone calfskin: powder and skin, with slender geometric cuts, have a 10 cm stiletto heel, tapered toe, and leather sole.

It is an elegant, refined and never out of fashion shoe, but how to best match it?

With this décolleté you can create many elegant and formal looks, but also casual and why not combine it with simple jeans and a blouse, let’s see some ideas in detail.

If we want to wear the footwear with a formal look, we can opt for high-waisted cigarette trousers, in solid black color with a solid color top in powder pink with fine straps and lace details, black blazer supported behind, and our Mirella in the powder – skin version.

If, on the other hand, we want to combine it with a dress, then create a look more suitable for a ceremony or an important appointment, we can choose a white floral-patterned dress with pink and silver flowers, instead of a more casual and comfortable look we can choose a mom fit jeans in denim, a solid silver blouse and finally the décolleté Mirella in the powder – skin version by Antonio Barbato.